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From point of reference to point of no return

Global climate change is a fact for scientists and also for most people. Now the aching question is what to do? The German government released a program lately that is characterized by a series of annual, moderate increasing steps in the direction of the rising problem. This strategy is based on the idea of adaption and does not include the anthropogenic active part in the core of the agenda. The idea of (co-)evolution is very different to adaption, because it is always based on active niche setting. With moderate steps to the adaption on global climate change, the political acceptance…

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Nudging screws to nails

Again psychological economy got a Nobel Price. I am a fan of Kahneman and all the others like Tversky, Slovic and last but not least Thaler – and all the others I do not remind in the first second. What happens lately from my personal point of view is, that in contrast to the founders of psychological economy, today behavioral economics comes along as a white knight of science. Kahneman et al. wanted to widen the economical behavioral concept to get better explanations on an aggregate level. This is still the extraordinary advantage of economy to ignore individuality and find…

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