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Features are in the heart of every scientific project. First of all you have to understand the problem and to decide what might be a feasible strategy. From the perspective of interested readers, scientific papers or projects are featured to give a sketch of the problem and the work. S2n Features represent the biggest part of scientific work between the initial idea and the final presentation. Features translate complex ideas into an erveryday speech.

These explanations of scientific methods and works are free for S2n members.

Others can order a hardcopy of the features including shipping costs via mail.

S2n Features can also be ordered at the CopySafe ebook Store, readable with the free CopySafeReader software (Windows only). Download CSReader here.

Revenues are divided: 40% to the author(s), 20% to the editor(s) and 40% to S2n for printing/shipping/hosting.

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