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S2n PapersScientific discourse and authors rights

S2n Papers follow the policy of sharing the idea for free and prizing the possession.

This is a consequence of accepting the the author(s) rights and a scientific discourse!

To achieve this on S2n all papers are readable with the free version of CopySafePDF Reader. Other readers have problems with their security functions. This software can be downloaded and used for free here: CopySafePDF – Reader. Read further information to CopySafePDF here. (note: as long as CopySafePDF is opened your clipboard is disabled).

Publications can also be downloaded at CopySave eBook Store (Category ‘Science’).

You can order a hardcopy of the publication (including shipping costs).

S2n Papers are hosted readable for everybody. Printing is not possible – so everybody who wants to possess the idea has to pay for the hardcopy.

All rights of publications on S2n are maintained by the author(s).

All authors declared to hold exclusively all rights of their publication.

All authors gave S2n the permission to publish their work on the S2n webpage.

Papers on S2n are not peer reviewed in a classical process. The idea is to use a social network for a peer review. Publication withdraw on S2n is not possible. Additional publishing of a revised version is desired and possible. In cases of copyright violation the publication is replaced by an explanatory statement including titel and author. Real names of authors are obligatory and checked previously by S2n (s. authors guidelines).

Revenues are divided: 40% to the author(s), 20% to the editor(s) and 40% to S2n for printing/shipping/hosting.

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