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Sharing Sciences – with a fair share

S2n tries to bridge the gap between scientific discourse and the maintenance of the author’s rights.

All rights stay with the author/s and sharing the idea is possible but possesion is priced.

Sharing as well as fairness has lots of dimensions – especially dealing with ideas.

Brilliant ideas can easily be reproduced, giving them an uncatchable advantage for sharing with a tendency of underestimation because of self-evidence. The author’s rights can only be maintained by an integration into scientific institutions.

Used this way, Science has a tremendous impact as a public good.

In recent decades scientific institutions were forced to have more market integration while focusing on some kind of ‘scientific outcomes’. This changed scientific work in quality, with a limitation to successful projects, and quantity, through forced publications. S2n can’t solve this problem, but is trying to adopt to it.

Different publishing formats in S2n try to represent the scientific work process while enforcing scientific marketing and accepting copyrights:

S2n BlogS2n Blog

Single elementary ideas as initial aspects to wonder or worry about. The S2n Blog is free and members can comment or discuss entries

 S2n FeaturesS2n Features

Features are in the heart of every scientific project. First of all you have to understand the problem and to decide what might be a feasible strategy. From the perspective of interested readers, scientific papers are featured to give a sketch of the problem and the work. These explanations of scientific methods and works are free for S2n members.

S2n PapersS2n Papers

Presentation of scientific results from experts to experts. To achieve a scientific discourse, S2n Papers follow the policy of sharing the idea for free – but pricing the possession.

S2n – Papers can be read with the free CopySafePDF – Reader. Printing is not possible, but a hardcopy of the S2n Paper can be ordered. Author(s) maintain the rights of their work and give S2n a permission to publish a read only version with participation of revenues . S2n members can comment and discuss the papers. S2n papers are not traditionally peer reviewed, but discussed in the science social network. Withdrawal of papers is not possible, but reviesed versions are wellcome. Real names of authors are obligatory and checked by S2n.

S2n is for those who think that science is more than a part of career. Fundamentally S2n is interdisciplinary, but in the S2n Papers section this aim is hard to achieve. Keep on reaching for that goal to explain sophisticated relations in a modest tongue – even if this is impossible in some situations.

Revenues are divided :  40% to the author(s), 20% to the editor(s) and 40% to S2n for hosting/printing/shipping

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