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Logic of Place and the Virus

In these times we are afraid of the virus and looking in shock at the number of infected persons. Quite everybody knows the name Johns Hopkins and the latest lethal rate, which is in most cases a legitimation of our acting towards the growth of these numbers. We try to find an adequate response to the subject of this virus out of these aggregate numbers. The virus is characterized and defined out of a subject logic, as Kitaro Nishida would say. The awareness of the entity is a defined and objective system. The response strategy, of not overloading the medical…

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Conservation Development -S2n-18-12-1

Conservation Development S2n18-12-1

Conservation Development Essay on Ontological Reasoning for Conservation between Nature and Culture S2n-18-12-1 by CDeuker Cite as: Deuker, C.; 2018; “Conservation Development. Essay on Ontological Reasoning for Conservation between Nature and Culture”; ScienceSocial.net; ISSN 2366-0104; S2n18-12-01; https://sciencesocial.net/   Funding Information This work was not funded by any grants, fellowships or donations   Copyright Copyright and all rights are maintained by the author(s). It is understood that all persons copying this information will adhere to the terms and constraints invoked by each author’s copyright. These works may be reposted only with the explicit permission of the copyright holder. Permission is given…

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