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ESAI Estimator for Aerial Imagery – S2n-15-05-01

Density estimation for Wildlife Monitoring using vertical imagery in aerial field research.

Christoph Deuker; Dialectical UNiversal ConsultANcy
www.dundotcan.de; mailto:dun.can@dundotcan.de

Ulrich Franke; aerosense – remote sensing
www.aerosense.de; mailto:u.franke@aerosense.de


A frequently used design for aerial wildlife monitoring is strip sampling. Distance sampling methods are a powerful tool for estimating abundance of biological populations in line transects design. In this paper we want to find a way to use this tool for vertical aerial imagery subject to spatial camera observation contrary to a centerline monitoring.


For a lot of terrestrial monitoring research it is straight forward to accept a centerline observation and distance sampling analyzing methods. In aerial research, especially in vertical imagery design, we think that it is not plausible. In order to achieve density estimation by a correlated measurement towards detection of objects, centerline monitoring of the strip is not possible in this situation. Extracting this information out of the imagery data can be done [s. Carr, N. L., et al., 2010, 209; Kissell, R. E.; Nimmo, S. K., 2011, 87], however this measurement needs sophisticated argumentation to be correlated to the detection probability. The measurable factor that is effective for detection probability in a vertical imagery design is the masking of the objects of interest that is normally the coverage by vegetation, together with elementary camera sighting conditions. In literature this factor is already mentioned but not elaborated into an estimation method [s. Beaver, J. T., 2011, 40; Bernatas, S.; Nelson, L., 2004, 642; Garner, D., et al., 1995, 237; Kissell, R. E.; Nimmo, S. K., 2011, 90; Storm, D. J., et al., 2011, 437]. Measuring the masking factor can give empirical justification to the admittance of secure detection without any masking, as an equivalent formulation to the detection function on the centerline.

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