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Taming Savage Design – S2n-16-04-01

Taming Savage Design. Methodological Implications on Wildlife-Biological Design Planning by CDeuker, Dialectical UNiversal ConsultANcy, www.dundotcan.de Abstract Design Planning is a crucial objective in every science. In this paper fundamental methodological implications to design planning in wildlife monitoring are discussed. Starting with reflections about the ambition of wildlife monitoring, the semantical interconnectivity of ‘nature’ and ‘culture’ gives the first hint to multidimensionality and ambiguity in the focused area. Beyond this vagueness there is another problematic issue for methodical aspects in wildlife-biological design planning, that is non linearity of systems, stating the question of ‘why measuring?’ In addition to academic knowledge, decision…

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  • S2n - ISSN 2366-0104